Metal Bracing

Benefits of the system

Technical Department

CIMENTATEC, has a technical department consisting of a multidisciplinary team of senior engineers, highly qualified with extensive experience in many fields, including geotechnical, structural calculations (metal and concrete) and of course special foundations where the company operates.

Having this team of people allows CIMENTATEC oto offer its customers a metal bracing system designed to measure, and meet their needs from a technical and economic standpoint, and in addition, provide technical advisory services at the highest level anytime you need.

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The assembly procedure, designed by CIMENTATEC offers three main advantages:

1) The installation process is simple and straightforward, allowing a significant time saving over conventional bracing Systems.
2) Facilitates and expedites the other work being done on site at the same time as the bracing, such as the clearing of Earth and the execution of the structure, due to the reduced volume taken up by the tubes.
3) It is the most competitive bracing system, at an economical level, currently on the market. The speed and flexibility of the assembly and dis-assembly of the system facilitates optimisation in economic terms.