Jet grouting


Is a technique that enables the injecting, into the ground, by a high pressure jet. The objective is to fracture, or displace the ground around the hole, forming a kind of soil-cement, which given the characteristics of the jet, forms a column. Depending on the fluids used in the grouting process, there are three types of jet grouting:

Según los fluidos utilizados en el proceso de inyección, existen tres variantes de jet-grouting:

Simple Jet
A concrete slurry is used to displace the soil. The most appropriate soils for this method are medium or course sands and cohesive soils of a very soft consistency.

Double Jet
The soil is displaced using a jet of cement surrounded by water or air at high pressure. It’s used for medium or course sands and cohesive soils of a soft to medium consistency.

Triple Jet
Uses water inside a jet of compressed air and cement. It’s used for practically all types of soil.

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