Diaphragm walls

Execution Process | Characteristics | Support Fluids | Types of bracing


The need for greater use of building land, through basement floors, has led to the search for constructive solutions that allow for excavation in secure and adequate conditions but at a reasonable cost.

Diaphragm walls are the ideal solution that allow the excavation of earth in all types of terrains and environments, not only in construction but in public works, guaranteeing the security of both the buildings and the workers on-site.

The sizing of the diaphragm wall is based on the following parameters:

• The land on which it’s located.
• Existence of water table.
• Current overloads at the coronation due to the existence of adjoining buildings or any other type of load.
• Maximum depth of the space.
• Possible implementation of bracing.
• Space available for the implementation of the wall (the factor which will determine the thickness of it).