Diaphragm walls

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Types of bracing

Diaphragm walls can be free standing, or together with others, which can work as a cantilever. This solution needs a recess depth of the large wall and high quantities of steel. This makes it necessary to study solutions that provide support to the wall during the excavation and reduce forces and deformations to the wall.

The type of bracing most commonly used is that completed through ground anchors, which facilitate the construction of slabs. However, for economic reasons or influenced by the construction process, other varieties of bracing exist, among them:

• Anchors.
• Metallic bracing.
• Anchors + metallic bracing.
• Verge.
• Verge and shore.
• Verge and slab.

Their main advantage is that they are biodegradable and it is not necessary to transport them to landfill. The use of polymers reduces the amount of solids in suspension, reducing the settlement of sediment in the base of the excavation.